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Natasha Cherny is co-founder and co-president of The Drozdoff Society (2015) and founder and President of Cherny Concert & Artist Management Ltd. [CCAML] (2018).

In December, 2015, The Drozdoff Society launched a concert series spanning three states. Through managing that series and some of the artists who have performed in it, Ms. Cherny became absorbed with becoming more directly involved in arts management. In June 2018, she incorporated CCAML to expand the scope of her participation in the career development and support of several of the fine artists with whom she had established relationships since 2015, and has since welcomed several more.

Natasha Cherny comes from a family that has had professional musicians in each of five generations since 1870: six pianists, two composers, seven piano pedagogues, a violinist, a trumpet player and pedagogue, and a classical saxophonist.

Although not herself a professional, she has studied piano and voice intermittently and is passionate about classical music. 


Natasha's 25 years at IBM and Reader’s Digest centered on data identification, gathering, integrity, and analysis; on process analysis, design, and troubleshooting; database design and implementation; and project management. As a freelance data analyst and paralegal, she spent 12 years managing a law practice and financial planning firm, and providing analysis to other attorneys for securities arbitration cases.


Natasha is also a published writer whose articles in regional newspapers focused on environmental matters, and whose leadership following the Mamaroneck, New York floods of 2007 (environmental inevitabilities she had long predicted) was valuable to that community. She is presently writing a quasi-autobiographical book that chronicles her family's disintegration in 1917 and reintegration nearly 100 years later, and what she calls the serendipities that led to that wholly unexpected turn of events.

The focus of CCAML is the representation of great artists who work in an atmosphere of mutuality and cooperation; that is our core ethic. CCAML presents them in its own concert productions, and books engagements for them internationally with presenters large and small. We believe we have some of the finest musicians in the world with us and are eager to share them with audiences.

CCAML’s concert management extends to The Drozdoff Society’s Impromptu! Classical Music Recital Series and Meridian Performances, with concerts in Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey.

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