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Music: potentiating human creativity; healing physical, spiritual, social, and psychological wounds.

The Drozdoff Society’s mission is the preservation, promulgation, publication, performance, and recording of the compositions of Vladimir Drozdoff.

Our core mission is the preservation, promulgation, publication, performance, and recording of the solo piano and voice compositions of Vladimir Drozdoff, 1882-1960. It is also our intent to support the musicians who strive to bring these and the works of other pianist-composers of Drozdoff’s era to the great concert stages of the world; and to document, celebrate, and instill in a new generation of musicians the cultural and spiritual components embodied in the works of these great composers.

We want to bring world-class classical music performances and music appreciation to people who, for socio-economic reasons, have little or no access to them today.

We want to bring Drozdoff's music to those ears, yes, but we also see his life and oeuvre as a universal metaphor for the experiences of surviving conflict, oppression, immigration, and resettlement; his music clearly speaks about all those things.

We are convinced of music's capacity to potentiate human creativity in all spheres, from the humanities to the sciences, and its ability to heal physical, spiritual, social, and psychological wounds, and do not accept that those who need it the most have the least access to it.

We want to support artists like Drozdoff, who, through no fault of their own, may not have the name recognition or financial support their art deserves because of conflict, oppression, politics, or economic depression.

We want to pay our performing artists their worth.





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